Work continues on the Mississippi-Ohio River confluence projects

NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Work is continuing at several Mississippi River, Ohio River confluence projects.

At the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway's upper crevasse, Corps of Engineers officials say the phase two contract is currently 97-percent complete. Corps officials say contractors will continue to finish dressing levee and placing backfill for landside berm as weather and ground conditions allow.

The middle crevasse contract is 74-percent complete. Contractors have placed all sand for the landside berm and will begin hauling solid material for clay cap when weather conditions allow.

At the lower crevasse, the contract is currently 69-percent complete. Contractors have completed three sections of pipe trenching. They continue trenching and the back-filling of pipes as weather allows.

Work also continues at Mississippi River levees.

Corps officials say above the Cairo slurry trench, contractors have completed excavation and backfilling and are currently backfilling the work platforms and riverside slope as weather permits. Work there is 97-percent done.

At Cairo's relief wells, contractors have installed, tested, and sealed all of the required 30-relief wells and completed ditch excavation. Contractors have also begun pouring splash pads and setting guard posts. Work there is 90-percent done.

At the Cairo parcel 5 slurry trench, the contract is in non-work period until June 15.

Island 8, Ky. Relief Wells is 54-percent complete. Contractors has drilled 32 of the 112 relief wells and installed 18 wells there.

Army Corps of Engineers officials say construction has been slowed somewhat this winter.

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