Illinois House votes to ban cell phones while driving

SPRINGFIELD, IL (KFVS) - The Illinois House of Representatives voted Friday to approve the ban the use of cell phones while driving.  The bill now heads to the Senate.

"Banning the use of cell phones while driving is nothing but government being the ultimate big brother," said State Representative Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro). "What's next?  Banning the use of pens and paper or listening to music in the car?  Our government needs to stay out of our personal lives and focus on governing not dictating."

According to Rep. Bost, the bill says that a person may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using a cell phone.

However, the ban will reportedly allow drivers to use hands-free devices such as Bluetooth headsets and hands free devices.

Exemptions are provided for the following; use in emergency situations by public safety officials (such as police, fire, EMS), HAM radio operators and truckers that use C. B. radios that are not listed in Illinois' current texting while driving ban.

House Bill 1247 passed 64-46.

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