Teen offered job from stranger on the street

(KFVS) - A teen in Indianapolis was offered a job from a generous man on the street while walking to a job interview.

Yahoo News reports that Art Bouvier was putting down salt outside his restaurant after an ice storm and was approached by Jhaqueil Reagan, 18, who asked him for directions.

Bouvier told Reagan it was 6 or 7 miles to where he was headed and that his best bet would be to take the bus.

Reagan declined and continued walking.

Later that day, Bouvier and his wife ran into the teen who was still walking down the street. The couple offered Reagan a ride and learned of the young man's troubled personal life.

Reagan shared his story of his mother's passing and how he was now responsible for being the caretaker of his two younger siblings.

Bouvier was so touched by Reagan's story that he told the teen even if he was offered the job he had walked to be interview for, Bouvier would double his salary.

The restaurant owner said he was impressed by Reagan's ambition and work ethic.

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