YourTurn - 2/26/13

YourTurn – 2/26/13

The US Senate will hold the first hearing this week on a proposed assault weapons ban. With that in mind let's hear from two of our viewers on the gun control debate.

Charles from Bismarck wrote in this week to ask:

"When are our legislators going to start thinking with their brains? Guns don't kill people, people kill people. It would make more sense to concentrate on stricter background checks and history of gun shop record enforcement than trampling on law-abiding citizens. What's next? Compound bows, knives, slingshots? If people want to kill they can find enough resources and skill to do so legally or illegally."

Micah from Carbondale had a differing opinion. He writes:

"…you're crazy if you think we will ever be disarmed. The libs have to placate their base with gun control laws but I'll bet they'll be every bit as effective as the drivel we've seen in the past. AND, you've got to be just as crazy to think gun rights have been infringed upon. There are more guns and gun owners now than there were when I got my first .22 twenty years ago. The BIG conspiracy is being carried out by the gun and ammo manufacturers who are fueling this debate while laughing all the way to the bank! There has never been such a run on ammo and weapons as there is now."

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