Country duo performs benefit concert in honor of Sikeston 3 year old with cancer

Florida Georgia Line held their show in honor of Marshall Pullen.
Florida Georgia Line held their show in honor of Marshall Pullen.
Holly Brantley and Christy Millweard with Florida Georgia Line.
Holly Brantley and Christy Millweard with Florida Georgia Line.

MINER, MO (KFVS) - Marshall Pullen is a 3-year-old boy from Sikeston fighting brain cancer, but little Marshall and other kids fighting the same disease are not alone in their battle.

Sunday night, hundreds of people in Miner and one of Country Music's hottest bands - Florida Georgia Line - stepped up to help.

With hits like "Cruise" and "Get your Shine on," Florida Georgia Line is burning up the charts. So imagine Heartland fans' excitement when they agreed to do a show at Miner's Convention Center. The Cause: Childhood Brain Cancer Awareness.

"We just really want to give back," said FGL's Tyler Hubbard.

They performed in honor of Pullen to raise money to support kids like him fighting cancer.

"We heard the story and thought this was an opportunity to help families in need," said Brian Kelley of FGL.

"Whenever they agreed to do this show, they were no where near this big," said Derrick Pullen, Marshall's dad and local D.J. "Now they're a number one country duo and here they are helping kids with cancer. They are two amazing guys."

Pullen explained he's known Hubbard and Kelley for a couple of years. He explained they called him a few months back to ask him to be in their video for Cruise. Pullen told them he had to decline because of Marshall's illness and treatments.

"When they heard that they immediately said what can we do," said Pullen. "I felt like we've had so many people help us out that I wanted to do something to help all these organizations for cancer that had reached out to us. We decided to do something in honor of Marshall, to help other kids like him who shouldn't have to go through this. It's our way of giving back."

Pullen says for his family, the prayers and support for Marshall mean everything. While fans waited in line to get into the show, they even signed a card for Marshall. The card featured Curious George, one of Marshall's favorite characters.

Like Florida Georgia Line, it turns out Marshall has hundreds of Heartland fans.

"I really don't think he understands his celebrity status," Pullen laughed. "So many people ask about him. People say they are praying for him."

As for Florida Georgia Line, Hubbard and Kelley say this is the least they can do for little kids like Marshall everywhere who should not have to know the meaning of cancer.

"We were just talking today we can't even imagine having to deal with something like this," said Kelley. "We want to be able to do this kind of thing whenever we can."

"Thank you to everybody who has come out and please keep praying for our son," said Pullen.

For more about the band, you can click here to visit them online.

You can learn more about the prayer campaign for Marshall Pullen by clicking here to visit the Facebook page.

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