Heartland Fitness Week: 'Is caffeine helping or hurting me?'

(KFVS) - Caffeine is something that seems to be a part of every person's life to some degree.

This leaves us with the big question: is caffeine good or bad for our workout routine?

Terrance Sterling, local personal trainer, has passed along information about a study by Australian scientists that helps to answer this question.

The study shows that post-exercise caffeine boots muscle recovery and can result in 66% greater glycogen repletion.

The authors of the study also concluded that the augmented rate of glycogen repletion in the study was the highest ever reported in humans under normal physiological conditions.

Researchers also saw that those who ingested caffeine with carbohydrates had much higher levels of insulin and blood glucose which is a signal for anabolic drive.

It's well known that consuming fast sugars immediately after training significantly boosts muscle glycogen recovery.

But this study shows first evidence proving that caffeine and carbs has an additive effect on rates on post-exercise muscle glycogen accumulation compared to carb-only recovery drinks.

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