Does it Work Wednesday: Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

PORTAGEVILLE, MO (KFVS) - "My feather pillow loses it shape."

Shelley Darnall hopes this one won't. Makers of Sobakawa Cloud Pillow promise it will conform to your head, never losing shape, all thanks to special micro fiber beads that apparently also keep you cool.

Does it work?

"When I toss and turn, like I normally do, it keeps up. It's good."

Shelley's been using this pillow at night for half a month. She said it's making a difference but it's not a perfect night's sleep.

"The box makes it look bigger than what it is. It appears to be normal-sized."

Shelley even uses another flat pillow under the Sobakawa in order to get enough height and comfort for her neck. She's ok with this, but wants others to be aware of the small size.

Plus, here's something else not exactly making for sweet dreams.

"It doesn't stay cool as promised."

Shelley was really looking forward to feeling that cooling effect while she slept. Overall though, Shelley thinks this pillow could turn her cat naps into deep sleep at night.

"I always have had trouble sleeping at night. I sleep three to four hours, then cat nap until it's time to get up. This pillow has helped."

For $20, Shelley says she likes it enough to also buy one for her husband.

"I think it's a good pillow people should buy. I think I'll give it a B minus."

The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow rests comfortably, earning a B minus on this Does it Work test.

If you're interested, we bought this at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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