High winds shut down Dorena-Hickman ferry

HICKMAN, KY (KFVS) - The Dorena-Hickman Ferry has halted operations due to high winds.

The ferry shut down upon reaching the Kentucky shore about 10:00 a.m. will remain closed for the rest of today.

Captain Ed Floyd says swells mid-river have been running about 6 feet.

The wind has been running about 30 to 35 miles per hour with occasional gusts nearing 50 mph at times.

The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory from 9:00 a.m., CST, today, to 9:00 p.m., this evening.

Captain Floyd expects the ferry to be able to reopen to traffic on the regular winter schedule Tuesday morning.

The Dorena-Hickman Ferry connects KY 1354 at Hickman, Kentucky, with Missouri Route A and Route 77 near Dorena, Missouri.

Missouri and Kentucky have the geographic distinction of being the only border states that are not directly connected by a road. The only direct route between the two states is the Dorena-Hickman Ferry.

The Dorena-Hickman Ferry operates at Mississippi River navigation mile point 922.0.

For more info on the Dorena-Hickman Ferry and a schedule of operating hours go to http://www.dorena-hickmanferryboat.com.

Motorists can also check on the ferry's operating status by calling (731) 693-0210.

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