Nearly two dozen St. Francois Co. women get conceal carry permits

FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KFVS) - It was twenty-three guns Saturday for twenty-three women. A large group of ladies got together for one reason, to get their conceal and carry permits.

They attended a class in Fredericktown.

They wanted to show that just because they're women, that doesn't mean they aren't strong and able to protect themselves.

With talk of gun laws possibly changing, they also want to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

"The world is changing, and more and more of our rights are being taken away," said Casey Hartley of Farmington. "I'm just trying to take a step as a kind of public support of the Second Amendment, and to rights in general."

Gun instructors we've spoken with lately say the number of women attending these classes is on the rise.

In fact, one instructor told Heartland News the male-female make up in his concealed carry class is usually about 50-50.

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