Carterville business deals with fire damage for the third time

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - The downtown area in Carterville has seen its share of fires in the last few years.

Last night will be the third time the owners of Create-A-Smile Thrift store have had to deal with this type of situation, the second time in two years.

"Boy, here we go again," said the store's Owner, John Flora.

In 2010 the store had a small fire, smoke destroyed thousands of items.

Last night's massive fire tore through Corbell Telephone and Electronics.

Flora's store didn't escape the flames either, making this the third time the store will have to clear out from fire damage.

Not only that, but two feet of water flooded their storage area, much of that inventory will have to be tossed out too according to Flora.

"It has to be soon or it's going to mold," said Crystal Flora, John's daughter-in-law.

Firefighters worked through the night into Tuesday morning putting out hot spots.

Because of the damage  to most of the buildings structure - they haven't even been able to go inside as of Tuesday afternoon.

Since then, Flora and his family have to decide for a third time, what they will do from here.

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