2/12/13 - Matters Of The Heart

2/12/13 – Matters of the Heart

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With Valentine's Day almost here, let's take a minute to talk about matters of the heart. In addition to being the home of St. Valentine's day, February is also National Heart Health Month and folks, heart disease doesn't discriminate between those who have a special valentine in their life and those who do not.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in America claiming more than 2000 lives a day. Here in the Heartland we have a high likelihood of heart disease-higher than other parts of the country. You can blame it on poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics, or whatever you choose. But this isn't about placing blame, it is about doing something about it.

Many made New Year resolutions to do things that are heart healthy like eating better or exercising regularly. Many of us have not lived up to those resolutions, me included. So let's use Valentine's day as a reason to try again. We can think of no better gift for Valentine's than more time with those you love.

In the time I have spent sharing this with you, three people have had a heart attack. Think about that. If you're at risk, do something about it. Do it for the ones you love.

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