Pink Up: February Monthly Reminder

Good morning to you! It's time again to think Pink Up. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in U.S. women. Take the time today and on the 12th of every month to do a self-exam.

Watch The Breakfast Show this morning and Heartland News at 5 today for this month's Pink Up story about a husband and wife who have really loved through sickness and health. Kathy Sweeney brings us this inspirational report about the couple who have helped each other battle cancer.

Research is always moving forward in the fight against breast cancer. According to an article recently in Medical New Today, the texture of breast cancer tissue differs from that of healthy tissue. This new finding may one day help improve breast cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Though less common, male breast cancer is possible.  Due to the lack of awareness, it's often found in later stages. Find out more about the symptoms of male breast cancer and how it can be treated.

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