Kelly Schools team up with Scott Co. Sheriff's Office to keep kids safe

BENTON, MO (KFVS) - Can you keep your kids safe while at school? It's a big issue for parents and school administrators and Kelly School District is trying to figure that out.

It's is an area where kids learn and play, but it's also where the district wants the students and staff to be prepared in case of an emergency situation.

Thursday night parents will get the chance to learn more about the ALICE program which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

It's aimed to give students and staff options in case there is ever an active shooter on campus.

Superintendent Don Moore says the district is teaming up with the Scott County Sheriff's Office to keep kids safe.

Grades K- 12 will learn things like, it's okay to run in the schools hallways if there is an emergency and how to block a door if there's an intruder.

"With students, they might be the only ones there, the faculty and staff, they might be out getting whatever, doing an errand or whatever, and if they're in the room by themselves, they need to have this information," said Lt. Kenny Maryberry, with University Police and an ALICE trainer.

"Definitely something they need to be thinking of, cause it could happen, it happens more often than what we want it to," said parent Jamie Essner

"The parents need to know what the plans are for the school in the event of any kind of catastrophe whether it be an active shooter, or tornadoes, or earthquakes," said Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter.

Walter said the department is talking to all the schools in the county to make sure they have a plan for an emergency situation.

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