2/8/13 - Postal Service

2/8/13 – Postal Service

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The US Postal service announced this week that it is halting Saturday postal delivery come this August. Postal officials believe this move will save about two billion dollars from their annual expenses. The decision puts the postal service at odds with postal unions, some Congressmen, and at least one spirited little boy in Cape Girardeau who thinks going to the mail box is still a glorious adventure. For most of us, this is no big deal. It is just one less day to take the junk mail from the mail box to the trash can. But for some, including those who count on the postal service for a paycheck, it is alarming.

Many might say that the post office fails in comparison to private sector rivals like UPS and Fed Ex, but what a lot us don't know is that both Fed-Ex and UPS use the United States Postal Service to ferry many of their parcels around the country. You know why? Because it is more efficient than doing it themselves. Meanwhile, the postal service takes it on the chin when it comes to profitability with an annual loss of about 16 Billion (that's billion with a B).

In this digital age we live in, the postal service must redefine itself if it is to remain. And folks, it needs to. We can all complain when the cost of a stamp is raised, when an under performing office is closed, or when they cancel service on Saturday. But the truth of the matter is we can evolve our postal system, or we can watch it become extinct. You choose.

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