Work continues on Birds Point floodway

(Source: Corps of Engineers)
(Source: Corps of Engineers)

NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Army Corps of Engineers continue make repairs on the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway Project.

According to the project manager, work continues to progress on floodway project with reconstruction of the levee system. At the Upper and Center Crevasses, the levee is constructed to its authorized height with the operating mechanisms installed and construction continues at the Lower Crevasse.

Work continues at the Above Cairo, Illinois, Slurry Trench project with the placement of the semi-compacted fill on the riverside slope as weather permits.

The Contractor has installed, tested, and sealed all 30 relief wells for the City of Cairo, Illinois, Relief Wells Project and is continuing the drainage work.

The Cairo-Mound City Slurry Trench contract has been awarded and is in the non-work period.

And at Island 8, Kentucky, the contractor has drilled all of the 112-pilot holes and begun installing the wells.

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