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More crime, or more information?


Kennett Police said theft isn't exactly on the rise, but they can see why some people might think so.

Police arrested a man accused of stealing 4-wheelers from a home on Monday. It's instances like that, that have some residents concerned.

Kennett Police Officer Tim Trowbridge said they've seen a lot of residential break-ins. But, more than ever, they're been able to make arrests.

One reason, police are working to get information on crimes out to the public, data points like when and where a crime happened.

That's transferred into information from the public that police can use to make an arrest.

"With the police department, we've got 25 full time sworn officers, and that's 25 sets of eyes out there if they're on duty, but it's our belief if we get the cases that we're working on, and the information out there in the community we're in a city of 12,000 people, that's 12,000 sets of eyes that we have on the streets 24 hours a day," said Trowbridge.

So, he said it actually helps their police work when people talk about the crimes in coffee shops, or post on Facebook.

Trowbridge said they have seen an increase in criminals stealing electronics from homes. Items like iPads, televisions, and laptops that can be sold at a pawn shop.

"The TVs are getting bigger, but they're getting thinner and lighter, you can take a 60 inch TV, one person, 60 inch flat screen TV out by themselves, and the same thing with laptops, the laptops are getting thinner, and smaller and lighter, and then the abundance of game stations and that sort of thing," said Trowbridge.

If you have any information on crimes in the area, you're encouraged to call the Kennett Police Department. 

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