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Ammunition shortage causing police supplies to dwindle


As lawmakers on Capital Hill continue to talk gun control. Many of the weapons being considered to be banned are under heavy demand.

But, it's not only the firearms that are flying off the shelves. So are many of the popular rounds of ammunition.

The officers at the Metropolis Police Department carry two types of weapons. One is their AR-15 Tactical Rifle and the other their .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

And Chief Harry Masse says it's the pistol rounds that he's having difficulty getting his hands on at this time.

"We've been told from our supplier that pistol ammunition is almost become nonexistent," said Chief Masse. "They won't even give us an estimated time of when we're going to be able to get our order filled."

The department recently ordered two thousand rounds of .223 caliber ammo for their tactical weapons. But they only received a thousand rounds.

The demand for ammo isn't only coming from police departments and the military. Chief Masse says firearm owners are buying up huge supplies.

"I guess a better word for it would be hoarding. I'm hearing that as soon as it hits the shelves in the retail stores it's being bought up. So the manufacture just can't keep up with the demand."

At this time Chief Masse says his department has enough ammunition for it's daily needs and requirements. But they have a firearms qualification coming up in a couple of months that will use thousands of rounds of ammunition.

"They claim that law enforcement and the military are always the priority. And that they'll fill our orders instead of the civilian demands. But we'll soon find out," said Chief Masse.

The ammunition shortage isn't the only problem the department is facing. Chief Masse says the cost of the rounds has jumped a lot.

"I used to complain when they cost us seven to eight cents a round, now they're costing us thirty cents a shot. And there's 50-rounds per box. So it adds up quickly."


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