Galatia family loses home after tornado

GALATIA, IL (KFVS) - Galatia was one of the communities hit hardest by Tuesday's night's storms that damaged homes, and some people were hurt.

Many homes suffered significant damage from last night's tornado, but one stands out from the rest.

The Ewell family took cover in their home's closet in what seemed like forever, but it was actually 8-10 minutes.

That closet saved the family's life, because it was the only part of the house where the roof was still intact.

They say despite the loss of their home, they are very grateful.

"I saw the garage is gone, the carport is gone," said Harold Ewell. "I walked around here to the north side of the house around here, the east side of the house was gone. So, I went back in and told them inside, it's gone but you can come out."

Family and friends have helped the Ewell's all day Wednesday trying to salvage what they can.

The National Weather Service confirms that preliminary assessment damage done by storms in Galatia, Illinois shows it was from an EF-2 tornado.

The tornado began just west of North Park Street and ended east of McKinley Street around 10:22 p.m. CT.

It had peak winds of 115 mph and was around 1 mile wide.

Galatia's in Saline County just north of Harrisburg, a town hit hard by a tornado just about this time last year.

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