Broseley family loses home in storm

BROSELEY, MO (KFVS) - Family members in Broseley woke to find their home was gone Wednesday. The Griffin family is thankful to be alive.

Jeff Griffin says he and his family were home watching TV when the phone rang.

"We got a phone call from Pam and she said it's going to come in like 11 minutes," Griffin said.

"I finally got ahold of one of them," Pam Libla, the owner of the trailer, said. "I told them to come down here or go to their mom's.

She is glad she made that call.

"And told me their place was gone," Libla said. "She said it's gone."

"It just like stunned me," Griffin said. "I didn't even think it was real."

Griffin says he saw everything he owned scattered across the ground.

"I just glad we got out really," Griffin said.

"It saved their lives and I think they realized that," Libla said. "They all hugged me and thanked me last night for making sure they were not home when it happened."

With the family fully intact, they and others continued saving what they could.

"We are still trying to get like clothes and stuff like that," Griffin said.

For a family where the most important thing is each other, it looks like they have a new member to welcome.

"Pam is definitely family," Griffin said.

"I am just blessed they listened," Libla said.

Libla says the trailer was uninsured and she doesn't plan on rebuilding it.

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