Pizza restaurant delivers big surprise to deployed soldier's wife

(KFVS) - The wife of a deployed American soldier got a big surprise from her favorite pizza place.

Maj. Shawn Fulker with the Army National Guard is stationed in Afghanistan but still wanted to give his wife back home in Jacksonville, Fl. a nice dinner for her birthday, according to MSN Now.

Fulker emailed Mellow Mushroom pizza, his wife's favorite pizza restaurant, and asked them if they could deliver her a pizza along with a gift card.

The store took things a step further and made a heart-shaped pizza for Fulker's wife and delivered it to her door along with a gift card, flowers and balloons.

The best part? They didn't charge Fulker for any of it.

Store owner John Vanlentino said they wanted to help Fulker's wife have a great birthday while her husband is away serving our country.

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