George Clooney picks up stranger's tab, isn't recognized

(KFVS) - George Clooney surprised a man at a restaurant in Germany by picking up his tab and the surprise got even better when the man figured out who Clooney is.

Clooney was dining at a restaurant in Berlin with some friends and was worried he was disturbing the man at the next table by being too loud.

The famous actor decided to pick up the tab of the man to show his apologies.

MSN Now reports the man went to pay his bill and was told it had been paid by Clooney. He was confused, but pleased, and left the restaurant.

It wasn't until later after leaving the restaurant that the lucky diner realized who Clooney is, according to a local paper.

Clooney was in Berlin preparing to film his new movie 'The Monuments Men' which is set to release to local theaters in December 2013.

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