2 downtown Cape Girardeau businesses closing

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - CAPE GIRARDEAU (KFVS) – Buckner Brewing Company and Ragsdale's Pub, both fixtures in downtown Cape Girardeau since 2000, will serve their final customers in less than a week.

Phil Brinson, one of the owners of the establishment said they've put it a lot of work, and it's time to enjoy other parts of life.

"I've just put a lot of hours in for the past 14 years, there's just so much additional traffic right now because of the casino opening, and there's a lot of excitement and interest downtown, and we just feel like it's the right time," said Brinson.

Brinson said he will focus on his other restaurant, Jeremiah's, in Sikeston, while his business partner Mark Sprigg is planning to move from the area to be closer to family.

"You have mixed feelings, it's bittersweet for sure, we've just made so many great relationships with coworkers and customers, that was the hardest part telling the staff, we just care so much about them, they've been good to us, I think that was the hardest part, but there's a time for everything," said Brinson.

Brinson said they've talked to a few people about bringing a new business in to the space, but nothing they're ready to officially talk about yet.

"We think it's a significant corner, there's so much traffic right there, but we feel that whoever steps in behind us will just take things to the next level, just part of the evolution of downtown businesses come and go, and I think without a doubt, things continue to get better downtown," said Brinson.

Marla Mills with Old Town Cape said the space is a prime location at the corner of Broadway and Main, and has lots of space.

"I don't think it's the end of anything, it's really the beginning and what's the next step and what's the next phase, I know they're working with someone to sell that location and it's a prime location in our downtown, and I know that there will be someone very interested in that," said Mills.

Some downtown business owners said they're worried there won't be the same amount of foot traffic in the stores, if those people aren't already downtown to eat at Buckner Brewing Company.

Other owners said they've seen a lot more customers since the casino opened, and they're not worried about a loss of customers.

"I've learned over the years to never assume we know why businesses close, that a lot of it has to do with things sometimes that don't impact the other businesses, and so people are interested to know, and so it doesn't have to be a negative," said Mills.

Mills said a number of businesses have opened in the downtown area in recent months.

"It's an exciting thing and it means businesses are looking at Cape as an opportunity to expand their business in a way that they've never done before and I think that says something about our downtown, so what I say is we just have a lot of good things to look forward to in the future and a lot of great opportunities," said Mills.

Both establishments are located in the same building at the corner of Broadway and Main. The building was home to the Buckner-Ragsdale Clothing Company from 1907 to 1982.

Owners Phil Brinson and Mark Sprigg have been brewing beer together since 1998.

A final bash will be February 1st and 2nd before closing the doors forever on the brewery, restaurant, bar, and banquet center at the corner of Broadway and Main Street.

The building and brewing equipment are listed for sale with Jennifer Hendrickson with Murphy Business of Cape Girardeau

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