Ky. prison escape, pro baseball player in Cape, new credit card fees

Good morning to you on this unseasonably warm Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend, but now it's time to get back into the swing of things and we're doing just that this morning on the Breakfast Show. We, as always, have all the news, weather and information you need to get your day going.

Could the Heartland see some severe weather within the next couple of days? Brian is back this morning on the Breakfast Show and he'll have weather updates and the latest forecasts for you throughout the morning.

Some stories we're working on this morning:

Two men escaped from a minimum security Ky. prison Sunday night and are still on the loose. Join us at 4:30 for all the details.

Also at 4:30, we'll have the full story on the European UCI Cyclo-Cross being held in one Heartland state. This is the first time in 63 years the event is being held outside of Europe.

We'll also tell you about a former major league baseball player who spent time on Sunday at a Cape Girardeau church sharing his story of drug addiction and its consequences.

One big story sparking a lot of interest is the state of Illinois now allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers licence. We've got the details on how the state plans to carry out this new law and why it was put into effect.

Getting lots of national attention is the story of the nightclub fire in Brazil that now has a death toll of over 230. You can see the full report on the latest information at 5:10 on the Breakfast Show.

You may want to be careful when using your credit card from now on. At 5:15 we'll tell you about a new credit card surcharge that could effect you and your purchases.

A new hospital has opened in Mt. Vernon, Ill. and we have Tyler Profilet live throughout the morning starting at 5:30 on location with details.

Join us at 5:40 for your latest health news, including the rise in type-2 diabetes in children and whether soap or hand sanitizer is better at killing germs.

Some of you may have heard a large explosion in the Gravyille, Ill. area on Saturday afternoon. I've had some questions here at the station as to what that was. Tune in at 6 a.m. for the full story.

Also during the 6 o'clock hour, we'll bring you the stories of a Texas fireworks factory explosion, the latest gun legislation and what's trending online this morning.

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I hope you have a super day and if you're going out, be sure to take an umbrella just in case.

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