Cairo's mayor wants to clean up city

Mayor Tyrone Coleman
Mayor Tyrone Coleman

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Tearing down or cleaning up burned out or abandoned buildings is just one of the things on a 'to do' list for Cairo's mayor.

He's pushing a new plan to clean up his town.

Mayor Tyrone Coleman says his city needs a new look and he is taking steps to do just that.

He's made tearing down abandoned homes one of the main goals for his second year in office.

The city received an economic development grant to demolish more than 60 homes and commercial buildings in Cairo to make way for progress.

"We'll be able to bring those properties back on the tax roll," Coleman said. "It's another means of revenue for the city.  As well as I said earlier, beautifying the city, uplifting the city to make it more attractive for added residents, as well as businesses hopefully."

The mayor says once those dilapidated, condemned or burned out buildings are torn down. All that'll be left is an empty lot.

Coleman says they're not ready yet, but down the road the city will sell those empty lots to people looking to rebuild Cairo.

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