Wintry weather, new stomach virus, stamp increase

It's finally Friday, friends, and weather has the spotlight this morning on Heartland News!

We currently have several counties under winter weather watches and warnings. On the Breakfast Show we will have all the latest weather conditions and forecasts. We've also got you covered on 24/7 with all you need to know in regards to road conditions, forecasts and school closings.

Have you signed up for our text message/email alert service? We don't charge you for it and it's very easy to sign up. I personally love the alerts because sometimes it's easier to get something sent to my phone than to monitor the school closings, forecasts or sports scores on the web. Same information, just sent to you directly--no hassle!

We have plenty of other news to start your day this morning. Here's some stories we're putting together for you on the Breakfast Show:

There's a new scam hitting southeast Missouri and we've got the full story on how you and your family can steer clear of this growing issue.

Do you use snail mail for bills, letters and cards? Well, starting this weekend, it will cost you a little more to do that. On the Breakfast Show at 5:20, we've got the rest of the story on the increase.

A hot story nationally is the overturning of an Indiana case that would prohibit sex offenders from using Facebook. Tune in at 6 a.m. to the Breakfast Show to find out all the details of this hot topic.

Also at 6, Arizona's immigration laws are back in the spotlight. The issue now is whether or not a person should be required to show their legal documents proving they are a citizen in order to receive healthcare.

A new strain of stomach virus that has been sweeping the globe has officially made its debut in America. We've got the full story on the virus and how you can avoid it.

Are you having trouble beating the post-Christmas blues? Never fear, KFVS is here for you. Tune in at 5:20 to find out how to cure the blues and stay peppy this time of year.

Also on the Breakfast Show we will have your latest health news, national headlines as well as road conditions and weather forecasts to help you plan your morning commute.

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As always, we truly appreciate your loyalty to KFVS. You're the reason we work so hard to be your best source for news in the Heartland.

Have a super day and a safe and relaxing weekend!

Jen Baird
Digital Content Producer
KFVS12-Heartland News

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