Miner police chief warns of mail scheme

MINER, MO (KFVS) - Miner Police Chief Chris Griggs is warning residents about a possible mail scheme making its rounds.

He says residents are getting letters claiming they have won money with a check enclosed. Instructions are sent on how to deposit the check, and ask that a portion of the money is sent back to them for payment of taxes.

He adds there are several similar swindles that have also surfaced, with similar information.

According to Griggs, if you receive a letter such as these, please do not respond to it and contact law enforcement to investigate.

Griggs says this is one example of the letters received:

Check from, PNC Bank Maryland , DC

Honeywell Payment Systems Inc.

2001 Bay Street Oxford UK 0X12 3AS

Contact police if you have questions concerning such fraud.

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