Mounting problems for Brookport levee

BROOKPORT, IL (KFVS) - Small town, big problems.

Brookport town members are facing major issues when it comes to their levee system.

They met Tuesday along with representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers to talk about ways to keep the levee system from getting any worse.

Turns out, the levees operators kept pipe gates closed when they should have been open.

The pipes connect the Ohio River with the bayou on the other side of levee.

During a flood water blocked by gates so that no water can get in and flood the bayou.

This created pressure-which resulted in significant damage.

"That water is going to find a way out creating pressure and it looks for a way out the easiest it can, which is through the soil," says William Puckett, the levee safety area representative from the Army Corps of Engineers. "So the embankment naturally starts losing material because the water is being pumped out."

Last year, during the routine inspection of the levee system, it was discovered that the gate had actually been closed for much of 2012.

With the state the pipes are in now, they recommend the town replaces the piping all together.

But Mayor Judy Askew says the town has nothing in the budget to fund the project.

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