Gun Task Force coming to southern Illinois

PINCKNEYVILLE, IL (KFVS) - PINCKNEYVILLE, IL (KFVS) - As President Barack Obama calls for stricter gun laws in the country, a southern Illinois Congressman is forming a gun task force.

Congressman Bill Enyart says he's going to form a Southern Illinois Gun Task Force, in light of President Obama's proposed gun control plan.

And he's called upon Perry County, Illinois' County Clerk Kevin Kern to put the task force together.

"We want people with a divergent viewpoints from Southern Illinois to come to the table and make their views known," said Kern. "And to give the congressman a better perspective. And hopefully that will shape the debate for the positive. We want changes that will come about in America, that will respect the 2nd Amendment. And ultimately respect our way of life in Southern Illinois."

It's a way of life that John Mann owner of Mann & Son Sporting Goods in Pinckneyville, Illinois says he and his customers fear that President Obama is trying to take away from them.

"In the future it will be a harder gun business to deal with," said Mann. "I am sure that the AR-15's will be reconfigured, the 30-round magazines will probably be gone. All these things are our right to have. But taking away the AR-15's and all the other stuff is not constitutional."

Which is why Kern says he's looking forward to working with Congressman Enyart to shape the future of gun ownership, and sales in America.

"He wants to put everything on the table and see what people's views are," said Kern. "But I think the goal of the committee overall is to find some consensus on what people agree on. And what logical steps can reduce gun violence, outside of restricting people's 2nd Amendment rights."

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