Gun, ammo stores see shrinking supplies

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Gun and ammo supplies are shrinking at places like Shooter's Gun Shop in Cape Girardeau.

The owner says most people just don't know what to expect, so it seems like they're continually stocking up. He says the store is out of items that are normally easy to keep in stock.

"We're a little small store," said Rowdy Enderle, owner of Shooter's Gun Shop. "We're not a big chain, private business. If we don't get new product in the future we won't be in business. That's just flat out."

"I'm a little concerned, because if they can take away the ability to hunt and defend ourselves," said Larry Bell of Gipsy, Mo. "The criminal element is always going to be able to get their hands on illegal stuff."

Another reason for the surge in gun sales is the cost.

Shooters owner Rowdy Enderle says people are concerned about items becoming scarce, which could in turn drive the price sky high.

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