Pit bull bites the nose off of 10-year-old Ky. boy

WESTERN KENTUCKY (KFVS) - Deputies say a 10-year-old Kentucky boy had his nose bitten off by a pit bull on Wednesday.

According to the Henderson County Sheriff's Office, the boy was visiting friends and the dog had apparently eaten the nose after biting the boy.

Authorities and animal control came and took the dog to a veterinarian who found the boy's nose in the dog's stomach. The nose was taken to the emergency room where the boy was being treated.

The sheriff's office says according to the dog's owner, the dog has never shown aggression. He's reportedly had the dog since a puppy.

The owner told deputies the 10-year-old boy was over visiting friends and playing with the dog. The three children were getting rowdy and the wife of the owner told the juveniles to calm down, and the dog calmed down as well.

When the 10-year-old sat down on the couch, he started to stare at the dog, and the dog lunged at the boy, biting and swallowing his nose.

There's no word on the dog's condition.

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