In rural Missouri, anti-war satire opens wounds

Associated Press

FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. (AP) - A former small-town publisher in southeast Missouri calls the anti-war message that led to her newspaper's demise a satirical work of social provocation.

Her critics in Fredericktown say the decision to include personal commentary in a local Marine's boot-camp graduation announcement was a slap in the face, the last straw from a liberal carpetbagger who insulted a community grounded in faith, patriotism and civic pride.

Frances Madeson grew up near St. Louis but spent three decades in Washington and New York as a congressional aide, Wall Street paralegal, playwright and novelist. She moved to rural Missouri in 2010 and revived the dormant Madison County Crier in June.

Madeson says she was forced to shut down the paper after advertisers fled and news sources refused to cooperate after her published criticism.

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