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YourTurn - 12/21/12

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In response to our viewpoint earlier this week regarding our nation's response to the tragedy in Sandy Hook (12/17/12 - Who's To Blame?), we received several responses here are a few: 

Chuck from Anna wrote:

Regarding gun control, I see no need for fully automatic weapons. Ones where you hold the trigger and the gun keeps firing. However, I believe the criminals will always have guns and any type gun ban will just give the black market something else to deal in and leave the law abiding citizen unprotected...I believe no amount of gun laws would have prevented this killing of innocent people. I recently purchased a pistol for home protection and have been a hunter all my life. I hope I never need to use the pistol but will if it's necessary to protect my family. My point is this, enforce the laws we already have and don't further restrict gun ownership by law abiding citizens. 

Dick from Makanda wrote:

I am a gun owner but I would gladly give up my right to own an assault rifle along with the large clips. An assault rifle is designed for one thing. It's a military rifle that is used to kill as many people as possible in the shortest time. I don't need it or want it. What is more important, the right to own this gun or a chance to save any more children and families from going through this kind of tragedy?

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