Perry County schools confident in safety procedures

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Perry County, Missouri, is one of the many school districts in the Heartland that is confident in their school safety procedures.

Superintendent Kevin Dunn called for a special meeting of the district's safety committee on Tuesday.

During that meeting, committee members reviewed safety measures, and talked about the different solutions being considered by schools and communities across the nation.

"We try to be proactive, we try to be updated, keep updated," said Dunn. "You might think, last week you're doing what you need to be doing. But there may be more information that comes out of the situation in Connecticut, that we find out more information in the next couple of weeks that may take us to pause and look at what we are doing and make some additional changes."

As for improvements, software updates are scheduled to be installed for building intercom and phone systems over the holiday break.

The schools' maintenance supervisor suggested possible upgrades to lighting and alarm systems.

Dunn also noted that over the summer, locks were replaced to improve building security.

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