Does it Work Wednesday: Twist 'n' Clip

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Alison Burger works in a local framing department. It's not uncommon during this busiest time of the year for her to frame 20 or 30 pictures a day.

"I can't work fast like that with hair in my face," she said.

She'd like to "Twist 'n' Clip" her long hair up and hopes it's as easy as it looks. First, I let Allison do it all by herself, just as if she was styling her own hair as she gets ready.

It falls out.

Next, I help ... "Not bad."

It just doesn't look like the styles the pictures show. Then, we pull up some online demos of real people using this product. We learn you have to fully tilt this clip to the side and shove it into your hair like a safety pin. After we try this, we see it's working a little better, but this style is not going to hold all day.

"Are you disappointed? Yes."

Alison's locks keep falling down, and we're also let down in the quality of this thing. The $10 clip is made of very cheap plastic that looks like it could easily break.

It's back to ponytail holders for Alison.

"I'd give it a 'C.' If you had curly hair, maybe."  It's definitely not going to work on thin hair.
So, I'm going to lower this down to a 'D,' and say save your money on this Does it Work test.

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