Tractor trailer crash site cleared in McCracken County

Tractor trailer crash site cleared in McCracken County

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A tractor-trailer crash was blocking US 60 near Kingsway Drive in western McCracken County, according to a transportation cabinet spokesman. This was on US 60 at mile point 1.2 at the end of the 4-lane section near the McCracken-Ballard County Line.

According to initial reports, the rear axle of the truck was knocked off requiring the trailer to be offloaded by hand before it can be moved.

Deputies say James E. Tobias, 24, of Moulton Alabama, was driving a 2006 International semi-truck and trailer with a passenger westbound on US60 near the intersection of Kingsway Drive. Tobias moved over to the right side of the roadway for oncoming traffic and his rear trailer tires fell off of the roadway into a ditch. This caused the trailer to pull the entire truck and trailer into a ditch and onto the trucks side. The collision also caused a large amount of dirt and debris to be thrown into the roadway.

Crash investigators say there were no other vehicles involved in this collision and the driver and passenger were uninjured. The truck was carrying a shipment of refrigerant that is not flammable and was not leaked during the collision.

McCracken DES had set up a detour.

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