DIW: Shark Rotator Lift-away

DIW: Shark Lift-a-way vacuum

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Shark Rotator Lift-away vacuum promises to suck up dirt and dust better than other leading brands. The real feature on this model is the lift-away factor. Kate Broeckling gives this a try on her home's stairs.

By lifting the caddy off the main part of the vacuum and then onto the provided piece, you can travel up your stairs, sucking up particles. The cord's pretty long, too. We're confident you can travel up most stairwells.

Problem is, the attachment we thought might get in between the step's crevices isn't working too well. Kate and I figured out for big pieces just take the hose attachment off.

"That's working much better."

Back to basics, we've mastered the stairwell but are certainly still concerned about this vacuum picking up the bigger pieces of junk.

You can see it picks up some cereal, but then pushes other pieces around.

What's interesting, the finer the piece is, the more it seems to suck it up. We can see a lot of dust being sucked out of Kate's carpet she purposely left unclean for us.

Let's keep rolling, onto the bare floors. It's great on tile, even leaning down low to the ground for hard to reach spots. It also easily glides from the carpet to wood floors.

"It was able to get all the dirt in between wood floor and rug in that fine line where I use the hose."

Still, does this Shark have enough bite to pass our test?

"I'd probably give it a 'B'. It was nice rolling on wood floors to the tile floors. I did like the aspect you could pick it up and carry it on stairs and it wasn't heavy."

Kate's just not too sure about the $250 price tag and those crumbs we really had to work at cleaning up. Still, the features on this vacuum, and the fact it can roll from carpet to bare floors, means it's solid enough for a good grade 'B' on this Does it Work test.

Check multiple stores and online sites to find the best price for the Shark Rotator Lift Away vacuum.

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