Facebook changes privacy guidelines

(KFVS) - Facebook sent emails to their users asking them to vote on new data sharing guidelines, but not enough people voted to make it official.

Some users say they didn't get the emails.

The company's policy is that if less than 30 percent of Facebook's 1 billion users vote, those votes don't count. So the company passed the new guidelines anyway.

Facebook wanted to update it's Data Use Policy, and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

The biggest change would be how the company shares your data with third party companies like the photo sharing site, Instagram.

Users could also see the proposed changes on Facebook's "Newsroom" website, but some people say the site is too difficult to find because it's not on Facebook's homepage.

Facebook said now they'll look for new ways to maximize user engagement in the future.

You can read the release from Facebook on the new guidelines here.

Read the final Statement of Rights and Responsibilities here.

And read the latest Data Use Policy here.

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