New Madrid Co. man turns scrap metal into treasures

KEWANEE, MO (KFVS) - Edgar Pipkin, or as his friends call him, "Boo Boo," sells scrap metal by day, and turns it into treasures by night.

"My grade school teacher said I daydreamt a lot. That's where this came from," said Pipkin.

He's talking about a tree standing 12 feet high, he cut out of the side of a metal tank and filled with goodies found from his own scrapyard. Boo boo and his girlfriend's son came up with the plan to turn their trash into this kind of treasure. Now, it's the talk of the tiny town of Farrenburg.

"Everybody likes it," he said.

You see, Boo Boo's place already was a talker. After all, his home is where the buffalo roam. He raises buffalo. On windy days, you can't help but hear the giant wind chime Boo Boo made himself out of old propane tanks he's collected.

"The wind chime took seven days to make," explained Pipkin.

Back to the holidays, Boo Boo says this tree in unique and surely puts him into the Christmas spirit, even though its ornaments aren't the traditional kind.

"It's made of about anything you can think of ... gears and pulleys," Pipkin said.

And wheels, propellers, all of which keep the gears grinding in Boo Boo's head as he thinks of other projects to make, out of whatever rings his bell-and whichever the wind takes him.

"I think it looks real good," he said.

You can see this large tree by taking a left off the Kewanee exit off Interstate 55 and traveling until you see County Road 707 on the left.

Take CR 707 through the village of Farrenburg. The large tree sits just past the town's church and alongside the Pipkin's scrap yard.

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