10 students arrested after fight on SIU campus

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Ten SIU students have been arrested after a fight on the Carbondale campus Sunday afternoon.

The fight happened between Mae Smith and Grinnell halls.

The fight happened just days after the campus was ranked 14th out of 25 most dangerous campuses around the U.S. by the F.B.I.'s uniform crime report.

Anthony V. Coleman, 19, of Chicago was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon, mob action, and aggravated battery, according to the SIU Department of Public Safety.

Seven other students are charged with aggravated battery and mob action:

  • Joshua L. Brady, 18, Chicago
  • Willie T. Moton, 19, Gurnee
  • Anthony Mead Jr., 19, Chicago
  • Michael K. Miller, 19, Herrin
  • Jose D. Quarles, 19, Midlothian
  • Cameron A. Anderson, 18, Chicago
  • Christopher P. Williams, 18, Carbondale

According to DPS, three other suspects have been identified.

All the students were fighting amongst themselves. No one required medical treatment.

Chancellor Rita Cheng said the ten students have been banned from campus, but have not been expelled.

"I want students to know that their safety is a priority and that what they witnessed if they were in the area or what they heard about or what they saw on Facebook is not going to be tolerated on this campus," Cheng said. "Students are here to be educated, student want to feel safe they want to be safe and we're about that, making sure that happens."

The new focus on campus safety is something many students have mixed feelings about.

"For the most part I feel pretty safe here," said Melanie Albert. "But at the same time, I know a lot of bad stuff does go on and I think it some people don't even realize it."

"It really wasn't that big of a deal and you know it was an isolated incident and there wasn't really too much to be concerned about," said SIU sophomore Cody Hepner.

Until judicial hearings take place, the students are to stay off the school's campus.

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