Bringing Christmas to foster children in southern Illinois

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (KFVS) - One-hundred and fifty children are in foster care with Christian Social Services.

That's 150 who's worlds have been turned upside down.

"It's very traumatic, they've suffered some sort of trauma due to the removal from their home or their biological parents," says Michelle Bradley, the regional director for Christian Social Service. "And then to move into a home with new people and a new school and a new environment, its very traumatic."

And, for Darren Fink, and his wife, he's been able to change four children's lives by becoming a foster parent.

"When you're doing it you're actually seeing love and hope that you're giving these kids and it's actually changing their personalities and changing their behaviors, it's changing their whole person," says Fink.

But during the holiday season, times are tough and that's why the "Secret Santa" program was developed, so that every child can have that "normal" Christmas.

"Then on Christmas morning when it's a little more normal and their faces light up and they're are just able to be kids, its completely indescribable because their life is just turned upside down; and then for a little while one morning everything is right," says Fink.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or making a donation, you can contact the Christian Social Services at (618) 351- 0743.

From there you will receive a "Dear Santa" letter which will give you and idea as to what gifts he or she may want.

"They may not want to become a foster parent, but they want to help but they don't know how," said Fink.  "Well, Secret Santa is one way to help foster parents that are already doing it, help them be able to help take care of the children better."

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