Does it Work Wednesday: Magic Tap

Does it Work Wednesday: Magic Tap

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - Like so many others who've seen the commercial for Magic Tap, Kendra Williams' family also thinks this product could be a hopeful solution. Her daughter spotted it on TV and said, "We need this," but we ask, " Does it Work?"

"We need it for milk. We have a problem spilling milk for cereal. It makes me a nervous wreck to watch them pour it." said Kendra.

So, Kendra wastes no time setting up Magic Tap.  Be sure to pour out a little of your milk first into a glass before inserting Magic Tap, or you'll spill milk everywhere.

We give it a tap and Magic Tap's battery operated motion got the milk flowing in no time.

Next, Kendra tries it on a cereal bowl directly." Oh, it's easier with a bowl."

And, it's easy to use with a juice bottle, too.

"It shoots outta there. You see how much you drink, too."

Are you wondering how we cleaned this though as we moved from the milk jug to the juice bottle?  That's easy, too.

Simply squeeze up some water through the tubes to drain any excess fluid.

Now, the true and final test... is it easy for kids to use?

Kendra's daughter has no problems, and actually had fun squirting it.

"I think we'd have more of a problem wasting liquids because they want to use it and they aren't drinking what they're dispensing!"

Kendra's family has been using this for almost a month now. She points out the dispenser has some trouble sucking up the last of the liquid.  So, you might hold onto your cap as you near the end.  Still, Kendra isn't crying over spilled milk anymore with Magic Tap.  

"It works. It does what it says. It's easy to use."

Magic Tap sells for $10 in stores and dispenses an easy "A" on this Does it Work test.

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