Weather forecasting sixth grader turning dreams into reality

Isaiah Sterling forecasting on Sterling Live TV
Isaiah Sterling forecasting on Sterling Live TV
Sterling says Bob Reeves has inspirited him.
Sterling says Bob Reeves has inspirited him.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - He's only in sixth grade, but that is not stopping him from turning his dream to be a weather forecaster into a reality.

Isaiah Sterling has been doing his own show on live stream for almost two years now.

He is a student at Cape Central Middle School, soaking in science and math and doing everything he can to learn what it takes to be a meteorologist.

He goes on-air over the Internet for 30 minutes at a time.

Sterling says he learned from us that severe weather is serious stuff, and that is when you'll always find him online.

"Well, I try to stay calm when that happens and we are in a car somewhere," said Sterling. "I usually say mom I got to get home because I gotta broadcast about this."

Sterling says Bob Reeves has inspirited him. Bob says accuracy is the biggest challenge.

"Let me put it this way, the hardest thing about forecasting is getting it right and the reason it's wrong, the general picture is correct but the timing is wrong," said Bob.

Isaiah says by watching Bob, he learned severe weather is extremely important.

The sixth grader is usually forecasting on "Sterling Live TV" every day of the week between his school hours, and especially during severe weather.

Bob and Isaiah agree staying on the air and online to get those warnings to the public can save lives.

"I usually go about 30 minutes," said Sterling.

"He's already ready to do severe weather coverage if he can do that!" Bob added.

Both Bob and Jamie Travers told Sterling he's on the right path and reminded him that the right classes in school will make him a better forecaster.

"I plan to be on a news station like this one day," said Sterling.

Sterling is also on twitter.

"I'd been thrilled to be able to do that at your age," said Bob.

Twitter: @SterlingLiveTv

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