Teens work to bulk up

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Movies, magazines and television images can pressure girls to be thin, and now boys to bulk up.

A new study said it's "extremely common" for teens to want to increase their muscle.

The reason why, can vary.

Cody Boley is a senior at Scott County Central High School.

"Get stronger mainly," said Boley.

He said he works out, to help out.

"Work around the house, you need to lift heavy objects," said Boley.

Boley said other guys at school also work to pack on the muscle.

"When we work out, yeah that's actually a competition a lot of us sit there and we're trying to out beat how much each other can bench or lift," said Boley.

But other teen boys might have another motivation.

"A lot of guys maybe think it's to get girls," said Boley.

Shawn Taylor is a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Cape Girardeau.

"You know how can I get bigger, I want to build bigger biceps, I want to build a bigger chest," said Taylor.

He said teens will ask the trainers what they can do to bulk up. But he said for the most part, unlike Boley's reason, they're usually motivated by wanting to look good.

"It's in their face all the time, it's on all the magazines, it's on all of the websites and things like that," said Taylor.

It's not new for teen boys to want to bulk up and get bigger, but with that onslaught of media, they are asking more about certain muscles.

"You don't see much of the legs, more of the cosmetic muscles the chest, biceps," said Taylor.

Taylor said they'll work with teens to get in the right workouts. But a lot of teens are turning to other help like protein powder. Taylor said to do your research before diving in.

"Some of them are filled with fillers and junk, and if you don't know what you're getting into, you can easily be sold on something that you're just merely giving your money away," said Taylor.

Taylor said the big thing, is if you're wanting to bulk up, talk to an expert. He said he or she can help you find the right work out plan, and proper nutrition to get your desired result.

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