What NOT to buy on Black Friday

(KFVS) - Even though many product categories will see new all-time low prices, not everything will be a good purchase on Black Friday, according to Dealnews. In some cases, you would be better off skipping certain deals and waiting for a better offer later on in the coming year. Here are 10 items that Dealnews says are not worth buying this Black Friday.


The 14-day range before Christmas is the best time to get a sizeable deal on toys for the holiday season

Game consoles without a bundled item

You're likely to get more bang for your buck by opting for one that comes with a few extras. In years past, the vast majority of Editors' Choice console deals went to holiday bundles that included premium accessories and two or three game titles. These were frequently discounted 30% to 40% off their retail prices.

Brand name HDTVs

Black Friday is an excellent time to invest in a new HDTV. But don't expect the best deals to be tagged with name brands. Typically, the rock-bottom prices will mostly apply to third-tier manufacturers. Instead, brand name TVs tend to see their best price of the year in January and February as manufacturers look to clear stock in preparation for new models in the spring.

The latest digital cameras

The premium current-generation models are just a few months away from being replaced by a new line of 2013 options. If you're eyeing a brand new digital SLR, try waiting until February or later when it becomes an "old model," resulting in more aggressive discounts from retailers.

Christmas decorations

Deals on Christmas items get better the closer we get to the holiday itself — and of course are the best after the holiday.

Office supplies

These deals are generally no better than those we see throughout the rest of the year.

Jewelry and watches

Dealnews says this is a "Do not buy" category for the entire holiday season. Consider holding off until the spring and summer.

Winter apparel

If winter apparel is on your list, it's smarter to hold off until January, when those items are added to clearance sales that take much deeper base discounts.

Apple iPad mini

The iPad mini is selling for $329. It features essentially the same innards as the iPad 2, and Dealnews predicts that the iPad 2 will fall to $299 this Black Friday. Therefore, the iPad 2 will offer more screen real estate at a lower price.

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

If Surface sales are weak, the tablet may instead go the way of the BlackBerry PlayBook, wherein we'll see its price fall considerably by the spring.

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