Boy shoots 28-point buck

Isaak Moore and his 28-point buck killed 11/4/12 in Cape County. (Source: cNews)
Isaak Moore and his 28-point buck killed 11/4/12 in Cape County. (Source: cNews)

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6," said 11-year-old Isaak Moore as he counted the points on the 28-point buck he shot last weekend.

Moore went hunting with his dad Fred and his younger brother Luke on the last day of youth hunting season in Cape Girardeau County.

"It was exciting," said Isaak Moore.

They said they saw a few deer right away.

"Three does hopped the fence and they went trotting along, and I shot at them, and I thought I hit it," said Isaak Moore.

So the boys went to see if Isaak hit the deer.

"Didn't find anything, we looked around, looked around," said Fred Moore. "Then I heard him say, well dad, deer, deer."

They saw a few does, and a buck, so the three boys ran back up to their shooting spot.

"Then as soon as I got up there, a big buck, hopped along and looked at me," said Isaak Moore.

"He was 50 yards away from us, and he just stopped, like he was mesmerized, and he just turned and looked at us, and stopped, normally big deer that are old like that, they'll never do that," said Fred Moore. "I looked at Isaak and I said shoot."

"I shot at it, and then it like took two strides and like flipped over," said Isaak Moore.

While Isaak and Fred were relishing in their excitement, little brother Luke took off for the down deer.

"My little brother went running as fast as he could," said Isaak Moore.

"His orange vest was just flopping, he was just running as hard as he could," said Fred Moore.

"And then hopped at it, and went whoo hoo," said Isaak Moore.

"Here's Luke sitting on the back of this deer holding his antlers squalling whooo," said Fred Moore.

The trio couldn't believe it. Fred Moore called his brother to share the exciting news.

"He said don't even move the deer, I got to get there and see it," said Fred Moore.

Now Isaak's friends and family are waiting to see the lasting memento.

"We're going to mount it," said Isaak Moore.

"It ain't very often a kid, or even an adult gets to see a 28-point buck in their lifetime," said Fred Moore.

The boys said they planned to go hunting again Saturday.

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