Millersville Elementary students write heartfelt messages to troops

MILLERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Heartfelt messages from home are being written for men and women fighting and serving overseas. They are priceless words of gratitude from the children of the Heartland. This year dozen's of troops will receive handwritten notes from Millersville Elementary.

The project not only helped students learn why we celebrate Veterans Day but made a lasting impression of appreciation for those who serve our country.

"You are a very brave veteran," wrote Hunter Barieter, Millersville third grader. "Thank you for letting the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness continue. I am grateful for it."

"Thank you for your bravery and trust and freedom," wrote Lachelle McClellan, a third grader. "I am thankful for what you did for our country and I'm thankful for your heart and your braveness."

"I love you with all my mite," wrote Cayden Drum, a third grader. "We just want you to know we all love you."

Second graders also participated.

"The important thing about a veterans is that they are a hero to us," wrote Megan Ruch.

"The important thing about a veteran is that he or she is brave," wrote Courtney Huckabee.

Through Operation Gratitude the letters and cards will find their way from Millersville into the hands of a soldier somewhere around the world.

'I hope he likes it," said McClellan.

"I just wanted to make sure they know we appreciate what they've done" said Drum.

Many of the students made their own sacrifice, contributing to 230 pounds of Halloween candy collected at Ruopp and Ruopp Dentistry that will go out with the letters.

"I wanted to give the veterans some food to eat," said Ruch.

Teachers say the students took pride in donating their goodies, and time to write words of thanks.

"They know they're making a difference," said teacher, Linda Sandlin. "It's important to a Millersville student to know they are doing that."

Students say it's the least they can do for those willing to give their lives for us.

"It makes me feel good and safe," said Barieter.

"They can save us," said Huckabee. "They protect our country."

"They will serve our country for us so we can have freedom," said Ruch.

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