Disaster response group asks for donations

(KFVS) - Northwest Tennessee Disaster Services is asking for donations after its national relief fund has been nearly exhausted.

NTDS is an all volunteer entity. It provides mass care, disaster preparedness training, first aid/CPR training, counseling, and emergency services for U.S. Armed Forces families.

The group responds to the communities that it serves during times of local disaster and deploys its First Responders in support of Federal Emergency Declarations.

NTDS receives 100% support from the communities that it serves, government funding, corporate funding, and individual funding.

NTDS responded to Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana by launching Disaster Relief Operations in August and September. Donated generators, cleaning supplies, water, food, warm blankets and more were given to affected Louisiana residents.

When Superstorm Sandy hit, NTDS organized relief operations and arrived in Brooklyn and then later Staten Island on Wednesday, October 31 to give out supplies to victims of the storm.

Earlier this year, NTDS honored music superstar, Taylor Swift with the stunningly beautiful Star of Compassion Award in recognition of her wonderful spirit of giving .

Hurricane Isaac and Superstorm Sandy nearly exhausted the organization's national relieve fund.

NTDS reached out to Taylor Swift's management in Tennessee for hopes of additional support.

Those wishing to make a tax deductible donation to NTDS (Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief) can do so at togetherforall.org.

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