Does it Work Toy Testers #5: Furby, princesses, dolls and crossbows

Does it Work Toy Testers #5: Furby, princesses, dolls and crossbows

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - First graders in the Giant City school district  bounced around trying to figure out which of these ten toys tops their wish lists.

Every child likes to play doctor, but maybe not for long.  Little Mommy Doctor Mommy's forehead  even lights up when she has a fever. She shows other symptoms, too, but it seems after these little hands cured the $40 doll, they were done.

"I wouldn't give it an 'A' by the rate the kids played with it, by any means. Younger than first grade would like it," said teacher Kristi Britton.

So, let's prescribe a 'B minus' for this newest edition.
The doll the boys liked: Brawlin' Buddies John Cena with its sound effects and all.
"I'd say a 'B' for $20. It's a nice toy."

So, is the newest Polly Pocket Playset designed for the walls. Each of these range in price from $15 to $20.  Simply stick them to a wall, using provided Command strips, which are easily removable.

"It kept the kids' attention. The little pieces are the problem. We spent a lot of time keeping track of those."

Then, Polly's new play sets pocket a 'B'.

Another favorite doll with a  new edition...Barbie.  Just when you think she's done it all, the doll herself now becomes a camera.  on her belly is the display screen. your child snaps pictures by looking through the view finder on the doll.

"The boys and girls loved the Barbie. They went around the room taking pictures and with that Photoshop they could add ponytails to the boys' faces and other silly things."

However, Miss Britton says if your child has a smart phone or another device with cameras and editing, she probably won't play with this doll much then.  The photo quality isn't the greatest when you download, but still a lot of fun.

Photo Fashion Barbie snaps an 'A' here.

One more doll before we get to another toy for boys.  It turns out Cinderella's fairy godmother can park her pumpkin carriage.  This set was hard to transform from a pumpkin to a carriage, and the reins on the horse never stayed put.

"It was tricky for them to do on their own."

It's expensive, at $50, we give Cinderella's Transforming Pumpkin Carriage  a less than magical 'C'.

Beyblades Metal Fury Dome ball had a flurry of activity around it, but our testers found it didn't hold up all that well over time.

"It broke easily. with that quality, I'd give it a 'C'."

With help, the kids got the hang of Crayola Wonder Marker Airbrush set, which believe it or not, wasn't all that messy. We give the $20 set a colorful 'A'.

It's not as high of a review for the Crayola Light Up Palette.  The colors amazingly light up according to which cup you dip your brush into, but only show up on special paper.  We ran out quickly...coloring us unhappy...we give this $20 set a 'B'.

Now, for the hottest and best value toy for boys we've had this season. Ztek's $20 Air Storm Crossbow is hard to pull back, which means it has power, and the boys dig it.

"My favorite toy is the crossbow because the bows are fast!"
 I's right on target then with an easy 'A'.

Now, for the toy you'll have trouble finding in stores and online this year. it's baaaaaaaaaack.  Furby.

"Furby says funny stuff."
"He's cute and he says funny stuff."
"It was a class hit. all the kids loved it. They loved the fact that it would hook to your phone."

With this new edition, you can download the app to even feed Furby from your phone.

"It does get a little annoying. It doesn't shut off! It doesn't sleep well at all."

The $60 toy is almost like a real pet....always chattering....but it's the one the kids kept talking about. We'll take their word then and give the 2012 edition of Furby an 'A', wrapping up this Does it Work toy test.

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