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Legal pot, Baby born at home, Family homeless shelter, Chilly night

Marijuana will be legal and available at licensed retailers in Colorado and Washington. (Source: CNN) Marijuana will be legal and available at licensed retailers in Colorado and Washington. (Source: CNN)

It's not medical marijuana. It's not decriminalization. It's completely legal pot - and voters in Colorado and Washington decided they would become the first states in the country to legalize and regulate marijuana for recreational use.

After more than 130 jury trials, 31 appellate cases, and 79 homicide prosecutions, Morley Swingle is leaving what he calls his "dream job" for a position with the United States Attorney's Office.

Election Day proved to be historic for social media, shattering records of all kinds on twitter and facebook. And it seems some posts were taken a bit too personally.

See election results from the general election on Nov. 6, 2012.

Tuesday night was crazy for a lot of people.  We were busy covering elections and some campaigns were busy celebrating. And one local man says he was busy delivering a baby! Christy Millweard has the details tonight at 10.

Thousands of people that live in the Heartland don't have a home. But some in southern Illinois, now, have a place to rest their heads. Arnold Wyrick has more tonight at 10.

According to Jeff Petzel with the City of Thebes, Illinois, water is scheduled to be shut off for residents who live on Sutton Lane and any streets south of there on Thursday morning. Once the water comes back on, he says a boil water order will be in effect.

Authorities say three people were arrested after a crash late this afternoon in Cape Girardeau.

The Perry County Mo. Sheriff's Department says three people were arrested Wednesday following charges of child sexual abuse.

Bob Reeves says we're in for a chilly night but we are expected to see highs near 70 on Saturday!

Rutt 'n' Stuff claims this life-saving strap could stabilize your tree stand while deer hunting, but Does it Work?

Todd Richards sat down with Redhawks Coach Dickey Nutt in preparation for Southeast's season opener at Kansas.

Have a great night and stay warm -

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