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A 'Slam for Sam'

Sam in the hospital. Sam in the hospital.

It started with a routine visit to the doctor for a stomach ache and turned into a life and death situation for one 9-year-old.

Anita Barrios says she didn't know much about transplants until her son needed one.

"I think for the first couple of admissions, I was in denial and then the last admission where we had to go in there and he was really sick," said Anita Barrios. "Then we really knew this was it."

Barrios says it only took a matter of days before doctors found a heart for her son, Sam.

It was a heart that came from a family who suffered a tragedy of their own.

"Thank God for the heart and thank for the family," said Barrios. "We don't have words for that family but we know how they feel."

"Thank you very much, because without that I probably would have died," Sam added.

Sam says it took his body awhile to adjust to his new heart, but now everything is back to normal.

But, one thing that is lingering from the transplant is the medical bills.

Family and friends put on "Slam for Sam" Saturday to raise money.

All the proceeds will help keep the 9-year-old healthy and active.

Sam is back at school and says he appreciates all the support he has received.

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